Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Advanced LED Lighting Technologies

Roadway Lighting

LED Street Lights

The Apollo LED Street Lighting Series is a pole mounted IP67 fixture most commonly used for LED Street / Roadway Lighting, Security and Parking Lot applications. Read more

Wireless & Smart Grid + LED

Street Light wireless control & smart grid

Used for Wireless Street Light Control and Smart Grid applications. Two way MESH wireless networks using 400MHz, 900MHz, 2.4 GHz or 5GHz. Read more

Sensor + LED

Wireless LED Street Lighting Control & Sensor

The Giga Serial Com Series offers the ability to wirelessly backhaul roadside sensors, and/or meta data. Apollo offers both Serial and IP Wireless Networking solutions. Read more

Security Camera + LED

LED Street Light & Camera

The Eos LED Series has a non-intrusive built in Hemispheric camera that achieves a 360° view. Also available with LED motion control and deterrence capability. Read more