LED + Camera (Original)

LED + Camera

Using a modified version of the Apollo LED Luminaire the EOS Stealth has a hemispheric camera mounted inside the Apollo IP67 watertight housing. The camera is installed under the glass and provides 360° coverage for observation and surveillance. The EOS Stealth LED light engine interfaces with the camera giving you the ability to control the light providing a visual deterrence by either turning on or off, blinking the light and/or raising the light level.

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Apollo EOS mxLite

The Apollo EOS mxLite has been designed to interface with any external Mobotix camera model. The EOS LED Light engine interfaces to the Mobotix Cam using the Mini USB or DB15 interfaces that is found on most of the Mobotix camera models. The MX camera can be mounted 100+ feet away from the luminaire and when motion is detected it interfaces with the LED light engine via RS232 to provide a visual deterrence.




substation at night

– Perimeter Security
– Parking Lots
– Wrong Way Driving Warning