LED + Wireless

LED + Wireless

Apollo’s Intelligent Luminaire

Apollo’s Intelligent Luminaire, a lighting solution with a communication platform for Smart Cities. Out exclusive design has the ability to have an all-in-one housing that incorporates a wireless MESH radio to allow remote access and monitoring of infrastructure but also allows for secure access for the following applications.



Wireless Control System

Our intelligent wireless technology that allows remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a web enabled central management system. Operators can set multiple dimming schedules and monitor usage in real time.



Smart Grid & Wireless Control

Our intelligent lighting control can be incorporated with an intelligent smart grid solution. With this solution, a utility or smart grid company has a two-way communication platform to relay, backhaul and/or distribute data in real time.



Serial Communication & Wireless Control

Implement a serial communication platform for your traffic operations. Operators can connect traffic sensors (vehicle detection or traffic counters) to the Apollo control module and backhaul data back to the central office.





The Apollo Picocell is a vendor natural solution and when used in a cellular network will extend coverage to indoor and outdoor areas where signals do not reach well, or to add network capacity in areas with very dense phone usage. Picocells provide coverage and capacity in areas difficult or expensive to reach using the more traditional Macrocell approach. The average coverage area for the Picocell is about 200m which is ideal for densely populated areas like, train stations, stadiums or around conference halls.