Collier County continues installation of Apollo Metro Solutions’ smart LED street lights – LEDs Magazine

“Collier has seen Apollo’s basic LED street light technology consumes 63% percent less energy than traditional 400W lamps. Additional savings are seen when applying Apollo’s wireless remote monitoring and control of LED Luminaires. The integrated controller fits inside the Apollo fixture and provides a visual indication of all Apollo street lights. Energy usage and lighting data are then continually reported to a central management system that is accessed by users through a secure intranet web-like experience. Supplied with detailed analytics of its LED street lighting system, Collier County will in turn implement smarter energy saving strategies through more precise “on/off” and dimming schedules, particularly during late night operation and in low traffic areas.”

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Wired City – Business Observer

Apollo manufactures streetlights powered by energy-saving light-emitting diodes. Each light casing has room for a computer that acts like a cell-phone tower, connecting anyone standing or driving nearby with a smart device to the Internet. “My vision is to have an Android computer in every light,” Altvater says.

Already, a pilot program on Rattlesnake Hammock Road and Santa Barbara Boulevard in Collier County is showing success. Each light can be controlled individually and remotely by computer or even by cell phone. When a Naples resident recently complained about a bright streetlight shining into his bedroom, for example, Altvater lowered the light’s strength remotely.

The computer and sensors inside the streetlight can also tell if there’s no traffic so that the lights can dim and conserve energy late at night, boosting back to full power when a car or pedestrian comes through. This feature is already producing electricity savings of 65% or more, which helps municipalities like Collier County pay for the lights that list for $850 in about three years.”

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