Wireless Control System

Roadway Lighting Wireless Control
Apollo’s Giga Wireless Control is an integrated solution for automated intelligent lighting control and management. It enables significant power savings by enhancing the way in which lighting energy usage is controlled, measured and managed.


Street Light w/ Wireless Control for dimming


Apollo Giga operates using licensed or unlicensed bands. Apollo Giga Lights use a propriety 2-way MESH technology and operates in the 700, 800, 900MHzor 2.4GHz spectrums.

Street Lights w/ wireless control


Giga allows management and control of multiple lights from a central office. Giga Series allows for automated dimming during off-peak hours and offers significant power savings. The operator can set dimming schedules for individual lights or large groups providing full light at intersections and bus stops while dimming all others.

Roadway lighting with wireless control for dimming


Apollo’s flexible design allows us to provide a off the shelf solution or work with you and provide integrated solution that fits your needs.

Wireless Street Lighting used for dimming at off peak hours


By dimming lights at off peak hours a utility can achieve additional cost savings. Energy efficiency is one part of the cost benefits of installing a Apollo Giga Luminaire. The other cost saving benefit is extending the life of the LEDs and lowering operation costs. Monitoring luminaire’s enables early identification of faulty LEDs and or Drivers and plan for their replacement before failure.



  • Additional cost savings by dimming at off peak hours
  • Extend lifetime of LED modules
  • Extend lifetime of Drivers
  • Save on operational costs by limiting the number of truck rolls
  • Ability to self meter and monitor energy usage per light


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