Indoor Lighting


The Apollo Metro Indoor Lamp

The Indoor LED system is ideally suited for the lighting of interiors. It has a high-quality aluminium housing. Insulation class IP 54 means that it is optimally adapted for indoor conditions. We can offer you an especially effective yet flexible form of indoor lighting with this model. The wide range of coverage is carried out by Optic Lens Technology or prismatic LED covers. The basic model uses a prismatic cover to cover large areas. We also offer options with lens technology that provides coverage anywhere from 30° to 120°.


Max. energy consumption 120W, 240W, 320W
Light colour Cold white, neutral white, warm white
Housing colour Aluminium or powder coating according to the RAL colour scale
Attachment Ceiling, wall, pole, cable or chain suspension
Dimming Daylight sensor, phase dimming, potentiometer
Optic Lens 30, 54, 63, 120 Degrees

Light Output

Apollo Indoor LED
Length (ft/mm) 2/610 4/1219 6/1829 CRI
Number LED @ 700 mA 48 96 144
Lumen@6000k 16,200 32,400 43,200 70
Lumen@4000k 12,960 25,920 34,560 82
Lumen@3000k 10,080 20,160 26,880 95
Typical Power Consumption (W) 120 240 320
Indoor LED Lighting, High Bay, Low Bay LED Lights
Indoor LED Lighting, High Bay, Low Bay LED Lights

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