Apollo Locking Type Multimeter


This Multimeter connects to all

ANSI C136 roadway interfaces!

(where the photo sensor is normally installed)

It measures Voltage (90-500V) and Power (up to 1 kW real, inductive and reactive).

The values are displayed using a paper white display

which can be easily read in the sun.

DALI drivers* in the luminaire can be programmed and/or configured from a smart phone, or through a VPN from a central office and an LTE modem. *Other driver protocols can be supported.

The Multimeter contains a UHF radio which can control the luminaire over several miles. It can also be used to manage circuit control relays.

A WiFi connected printer allows the values to be printed onsite.

Built in WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces, display the results on any smart phone.

The luminaire can be switched on and off from the smart phone.