Project Description

Significant Cost Savings for Collier County through Intelligent Apollo Metro LED Luminaires


During a pilot project in 2014, Collier County set out to replace some of its 400- watt high pressure sodium lights with LED luminaires. The goal of the upgrade was to decrease energy and maintenance costs.

Additional Advantages

Besides the clear cost savings through Apollo Metro’s intelligent LED luminaires, the lights also provide additional advantages

  • Longer lifetime due to optimized heat dissipation
  • Software and luminaires are sourced through a single vendor
  • Waterproof and smooth surfaces enable easy cleaning
  • More natural light that increases safety of the public
  • Streamlined design resulting in a low wind load


Collier County installed over 120 intelligent Apollo Metro LED luminaires, which resulted in a 62% decrease in energy costs as well as a 40% decrease in maintenance spending. Based on these realized savings, a total upgrade ofall 4,958 HPS luminaires in Collier County would result in annual saving of $573,800. During the pilot project, savings were achieved through the use of intelligent Apollo Metro LED luminaires, which feature low-energy consuming LED lights as well as an energy optimization software that allows for remote dimming based on traffic, time of day and seasonality.

Collier County LED Street Lights
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