The Apollo cellular NLC connects to any street or area light via a 3/5/7 pin NEMA ANSI C 136 connector.

It supports a very wide voltage range from 120-480V.

It controls the light output, sets off alarms in case of exceptions, measures the power consumption, and is connected to a central management system AM-CMS or AM-CMS-Hosted via various cellular modes.

Light control modes are DALI D4i, Dali 2, Dali 1, 0-10V, PWM, and a 16A relay.

All LTE and GSM modes are supported. The NLC can be set up via WiFi and/or cellular connection. A GPS receiver provides the current location. Band 103 is supported. Apollo Metro can provide access to this band in wide areas of the US.

ANLC-480 Data Sheet